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Welcome to Glamorous Bejeweled Queen!

My name is Susan and I started designing custom jewelry several years ago as a result of my extensive travels in India, Egypt, Russia and Asia. I was fascinated by the extricate beads and crystals that were available in these foreign countries and felt they would make exquisite looking jewelry.

After making several pieces for myself, quite a few of my friends convinced me to make my creations available to themselves and others who would appreciate hand crafted and unique beaded jewelry. I end each piece with a metal crown which stands for a Queen; because when you wear one of my necklaces you become a Glamorous Bejeweled Queen.

My site is for all women who want to look like a Queen, and for those men who wish to make their significant other feel like a Queen. I offer a variety of jewelry to suit everyone's needs. My jewelry is made from the finest glass, metal, and crystal beads purchased from all over the world. You will never find another piece of jewelry like mine anywhere.

You can choose from bracelets, necklaces, earring, zipper-pulls and more. My jewelry designs are unique and creative. I have designs for red-hatters, black-tie events, casual wear, and I even use the breast cancer ribbon on some of my designs. From the purchase of the breast cancer ribbon necklaces, I give a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer association.

Please take a look at some of my designs. And remember, every woman deserves to look like a Queen!

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Diamond Rhinestone Necklace


This is just what a queen of royalty would wear to a gala event. This goes with our saying of how mny times people would notice this master piece being work on an evening dress or could even be work by a bride. This gorgeous piece measures 5 1/4" x 6 1/2" with a 4 1/2" chain. A round global of Swavorski crystals adorns the end of the necklace. Felt lines this creation.


15th Century Gothic Renaissance Metal Helmet Necklace


Adorned with silver and black, this necklace can be worn at an Oakland Raiders game to express team spirit. The necklace is surrounded by silver beads and spacers with sliced round black glass, tumbled cubes, matte black watermelon seed-like beads, and 2 sharp silver spikes. The centerpiece is 15th century gothic renaissance metal helmet that makes the necklace a must have piece.

The necklace also comes with matching earrings. The necklace is 18".


Emerald Green and Sunflower Yellow Bracelet


This center glass stone bracelet is 1 7/8" in length and can be wrapped around your wrist! Emerald green glass and hand craved chinese sunflower yellow beads along with seven canary yellow bicone beads strung on elastic.


Knight and Shining Armor Necklace


This gold and black beaded necklace compliments the gothic renaissance helmet with the base metal gold and antique silver along the sides. I bought this helmet center piece back from Dresden Germany. I have included some silver nail spikes to the piece.

The necklace is about 18".


Are you just a bubble off Bracelet




This bracelet is made with glass beads from Czechoslovakia and has a level centerpiece. Wear this bracelet as a great conversation piece. It's hip, cute, and great to share with your girlfriends.

Level with Me Bracelet



This bracelet has colorful foil and glass beads with level center piece that is hip and cute. The bracelet is strung on elastic.

Are you level?



15th Century French Style Face Guard Helmet Necklace



The necklace is made with a mixture of black glass beads with a French style Renaissance helmet as the center piece. The helmet is movable.

The black glass beads has a variety of shapes. There are 4 black and white beads accented by different texture base silver metal beads and a crown at the end.

This necklace measure 18


Crusader 13th Century Gothic Helmet Necklace



This 13th century crusader helmet centerpiece was handpicked which on a trip to Dresden, Germany.

The African brass bead, found in Africa, is black and gold brick style glass mixed with tumbled gray glass beads. This comes with gold and silver back metal spacers. The necklace is about 18"


15th Century Gothic Metal Helmet



This 15th century gothic medieval renaissance helmet will dazzle with any outfits as being out of the ordinary.

This necklace is designed with a metal helmet, 4 silver sharp spikes, textured metal beads, spacers, red glass cube beads. There are additional black sliced oblong glass beads that will add a new dimension to any outfit. MUST HAVE FOR ANY GBQ


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