Amarna West Publications

An online community for artists

Why Did I Establish Amarna West Publications?

When I began the journey of publishing my first novel I was very new to the fine art of networking. I found some websites to be helpful, but many other sites were indifferent to the needs of artists and writers and functioned in cliques, so if you were not already well established you were ignored or disregarded. That made these websites an unwelcoming place to network and make lasting friendships, especially if you're a beginner.

Social sites are good but a site that encourages every member to aspire to greatness is even better. That's why I created Amarna West Publications to give artistic people a place to feel comfortable at whatever level they're at in life. If you've just decided to write a novel today... you're welcome here. If you've written dozens of novels.... you're welcome here. 

My goal is to make this site an oasis for those that appreciate the arts and all that we artists have to offer. So far we are a diverse group of artists, jewelry designers, novelists, and musicians but we are steadily growing and learning.

If you're considering membership we welcome you. And if you're already a member, thank you for your continued support and participation.



Coming 2012...Journey of the Damned: Book II of the Journey Saga